Peter Richter, founder and owner of AutoCom Deutschland Public Relations, will be heading the RKW working group “Praktische Öffentlichkeitsarbeit” this year. The non-profit RKW Hessen – Rationalization and Innovation Center of the Economy e.V. – and the RKW Hessen GmbH ( are supported by companies and economic organizations and have been organized socially, for more than 90 years. The work group meets five times a year in Kelsterbach at the Frankfurt / Main airport; The sixth meeting for the middle of the year will be held as a two-day excursion and ill take place this year in Koblenz.

The participants mostly come from medium-sized companies, but not only. The purpose of the work group is to share experiences in a very open way. Participants are not only presented with successes but also (almost) failed actions. These positive and negative experiences from everyday practice are very valuable to all. In addition, they help not to “reinvent the wheel” again and again. The speakers on the individual topics come from the participants themselves as well as externally.